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Pâte de Fruits

Pâte de Fruits

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Literally translated, pâte de fruit (pronounced pat-d-fwee) means “fruit paste."  These yummy treats are made by thickening fruit purees with sugar and pectin, letting them gel, cutting them into pieces and then rolling them in sugar. They are, in essence, extra-thick jam that you eat like candy. Yes, please!

Because these fruity confections are made with pectin rather than gelatin, they have a yielding, pleasant feel when you bite into them. They aren’t gummy like gummy bears but are firmly tender, solid, and supple. Combine that texture with the slight granular crunch of the sugar they are rolled in and you come away with an irresistible confection. The pure fruit flavors are bright and tart. A satisfying, naturally vegan dessert!

Our 20-piece variety packs contain Morello Cherry, Passion Fruit, Apricot and Raspberry flavors.

Want to Learn More About Pâte de Fruit?  Read about its history, how it's made and see some behind-the-scenes clips of our production process.

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