What is Pâte de Fruit?

One of our most popular specialty confections, but one that sometimes has limited availability due to demand and schedules, pâte de fruit (pronounced pat-d-fwee) literally translates as “fruit paste," but it so much more than the name implies.

A traditional French delicacy, it can be traced back to Roman antiquity where the practice of preserving fruits with copious amounts of sugar first began.

These yummy treats are made by mixing pure fruit purees with sugar and pectin and thickening over high heat.  This mixture is meticulously measured and monitored until it reaches a very specific brix number - similar to how wine is made (there is no alcohol involved in the pâte de fruit - brix is a measurement of dissolved solids in a liquid, and specifically in our case, the sugar-to-water ratio).

Once the appropriate ratio is reached, the mixture is carefully poured into frames and stored for several days to let the product cure and solidify for continued preparation.

After curing, they are cut into pieces, hand-rolled in sugar and then stored for another several days to continue the curing process.  This helps them to develop the incredible texture and mouthfeel they are known for. 

They are, in essence, an extra-thick jam that you eat like candy. Yes, please!  A lot of time, love and attention are poured into these colorful delicacies.

Because these fruity confections are made with pectin rather than gelatin, they have a yielding, pleasant feel when you bite into them. They aren’t gummy like gummy bears but are firmly tender, solid, and supple. Combine that texture with the slight granular crunch of the sugar they are rolled in and you come away with an irresistible confection. The pure fruit flavors are bright and tart. A satisfying, naturally vegan dessert!

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Check out a few of our Behind the Scenes videos of the Pâte de Fruit preparation process.